Sunday, March 13, 2011

Choosing Water to drink

There are different types of water. Not all of the categories of water are safe for drinking. There are available Tap water, Bottled or processed water, Deionized or demineralized water, Mineral water, Natural spring water, Sparkling water, and Steam-Distilled water.
Tap water is the one that everyone has at home that comes out from the tap. It is called public water because it is centrally produced and distributed by the municipal authority. Tap water is not known to be too safe for direct consumption. Bottled water is produced by private and public companies and its purity is misleading because the process differs in manufacturing technique. Deionized water is not so good for consumption because the body needs the ions which has been removed from the water thus lacking the essential ingredients of live. Mineral water is not so good either because of the possible imbalance of mineral additives that are contained in the water. Natural spring water contains a lot of natural impurities which may be harmful to our body. Sparkling water is a carbonated water and depending on the contents and concentration it might be good or not for regular intake. All the above types of water can be consumed but they are not the most ideal water to take. The best water to take if you are strict in healthy lifestyle is steam-distilled water. The process allow for transfer of  essential ions. However, it contains gaseous impurities which can be get rid of by allowing the distillate to rest for a period of time whereby the gases will evaporate under atmospheric temperature and pressure.